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SnapRetail Launches Flexible Template Editor and Expanded Retail Content

Release of its Flexible Template Editor makes it even easier for retail subscribers to engage with customers and drive store traffic

Jessica Moretti, Marketing Communications Manager  |  November 09, 2012

With the launch of its Flexible Template Editor, SnapRetail has made it even easier for local retailers to build campaigns that reflect each store's unique style, while providing hundreds of pre-written templates and thousands of images specifically designed for retailers.

The Flexible Template Editor provides SnapRetail subscribers with full creative freedom, whether starting from scratch or using a pre-designed email template.  With its drag-and-drop functionality, retailers can add, delete, resize and reorder any of the content widgets, including text boxes, images, store logos and information boxes and social networking buttons.  The editor has true "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" functionality, meaning that any template created in the editor will look exactly the same in its recipients' inboxes, unlike other email marketing systems in which users have reported commonly experiencing formatting errors after their emails have sent.  

In addition, SnapRetail has substantially increased the number of email templates, images and pre-written social media posts available to its subscribers.

"Our customers believe in the value of marketing but don't always have the time to invest in creating engaging campaigns and messages because they are busy running their stores," said Tara Ronel, vice president of Product Management for SnapRetail. "These new features dramatically reduce the amount of time a retailer needs to market, as we do much of the work for them." 

While the actual launch was quite rewarding for the entire SnapRetail team, the true sense of satisfaction has come from the positive feedback given by its subscribers.

"The ease of the drag and drop feature made it so much faster to create my own email in SnapRetail versus before when I used other email marketing solutions," said Rebecca Patrick of The Frilly Frog in Greenwood, S.C.  "It is great!"

"Thank you for listening and implementing an extremely useful tool," said Kym Priest of Mercy Gift Shop in Springfield, Mo.  "Please pass on my appreciation to the SnapRetail team for being such a great marketing department for me."


About SnapRetail

SnapRetail provides a web-based solution that makes it easy for local retailers to engage with customers through email, Facebook and Twitter. Unique product features such as an interactive planning calendar, monthly promotion kits, hundreds of pre-written and professionally designed templates and social media posts, and an exclusive offers program make SnapRetail the choice for thousands of retailers looking for a one-stop-shop for their marketing needs. Retailers can purchase a subscription to gain access to all of these features. Learn more at

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