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Steven Turkovich is the marketing manager of product and analytics at SnapRetail. He is obsessed with helping small business take hold of their marketing, singing 80s songs in the car, and crunching numbers. While he’s not shopping local, you’ll find him playing the piano or watching an unhealthy amount of The Food Network or Golden Girls.
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Increase Your Marketing Engagement with Instagram Images

How important are images? The short answer is very! But, what are the details that support that answer? First, articles with images get 94% more total views on average. That success continues to Facebook where engagement rates for photos are 37% […]

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  • New Feature, Easily Schedule Your Social and Email Posts with SnapRetail

New Feature: Smart Calendar, Scheduling Your Social and Email Posts is Easier Than Ever!

If you ask any of our small businesses about their most loved SnapRetail feature, the survey is always pretty clean: the planning calendar. Why? You can easily get a comprehensive view of your marketing plan: emails, social posts, website updates, […]

  • Edit your email padding with SnapRetail

Editing Padding in Emails

At SnapRetail it is our goal to develop a product that is changing and evolving constantly; today is no exception.  Our email padding feature now gives you control over the look of any widget within our email editor.  Looking to […]

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New Features: Say Hello to Event Autoresponders and New Website Themes

At SnapRetail, we are always trying to innovate our product. This month, we have two new updates that will make email making a little easier and give websites a fresh look.  Read below for all the details!

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  • Use the marketing technique of Pokemon Go to help market your small business

What Can Small Businesses Learn from Pokémon Go?

Have you noticed a large number of people walking around with their heads down looking at their phones? If so, you’ve probably noticed a player of the viral sensation Pokémon Go. From the user’s perspective, this fun game is getting us outside, […]

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  • Sell Through Email

How to Sell Through Email: 4 Tips

Raise your hand if you would like 11% of your store’s sales to come from online purchases. I bet your hand is raised pretty high right now. Macy’s already falls into this category, with online purchases accounting for 11 percent […]

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Transform Your E-Commerce Business with Shopify and SnapRetail

We are excited to announce our latest integration with Shopify to help expand your e-commerce store to the inbox, social, and beyond!

Why did we choose to partner with Shopify?

Shopify has a mission to make commerce better and possible for all […]

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Clean Up Your Email Marketing this Spring with Our Checklist!

Email Marketing is constantly changing. The days of sending out the same email to a list several years old are gone. Email marketing needs to be targeted to attract savvy customers and lists need to be cleaned to keep them […]

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How to Sell On Facebook

It is no surprise that Facebook is an active and growing social platform with many users (over 1.59 billion users to be exact).  For that reason, small businesses continue to use the social site to increase their brand awareness, grow […]

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  • Schedule your Pinterest Pins with SnapRetail's Marketing Calendar for your Small Business. SnapRetail and Pinterest is Love.

Get Excited: You Can Now Schedule Your Pinterest Pins and More with SnapRetail!

Cue the band, sound the alarm, and stop the press…scheduling your Pinterest Pins is now available for all current (and future) SnapRetail customers!

It’s hard to contain our excitement when we just delivered the top most required feature, but it […]

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