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Monday, December 08, 2014  |  11:00 AM EST

Creating Store Layouts that Sell!

Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, Kizer & Bender Speaking!

One of the most challenging aspects of retailing is choosing the layout that's right for your store's unique configuration. Another challenge is to combine it with eye-appealing displays that pull customers in and convince them to buy. Your savvy customers want more than just a place to "buy stuff;" they want to be entertained and visually stimulated, and they want to shop in environments that make their shopping decisions easier. You want that too, but to do that your store's ambience, décor, signing, and displays have to work hand-in-hand as silent salespeople, creating sales even when your store associates are busy helping other customers.

Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender are professional store planners; they're here to share ideas and offer advice you can take to the bank! From the parking lot to the back door, and each space in-between you'll learn about store design, plus the latest in layouts, visual merchandising, and tricks of the trade to increase your "shelf esteem" - and store sales. You'll learn:

  • Why First Impressions Count: The first 10 seconds of contact with your store is critical; what happens here determines much of the customer experience. You'll learn where the customer experience with your store begins, plus which factors outside of your store's environment factor into YOUR environment.

  • Which Store Layout is Right for Your Store: Your store's layout dictates how customers will shop your store. Learn the most popular floor plans and how to determine which one is right for your store.

  • How to Identify Your Store's Decompression Zone: What is it, where it is, how large should it be, and how to use it to your advantage.

  • Where to Place and Effectively Merchandise Your Cash Wrap and Service Counters: One of the most highly trafficked areas in your store is the cash wrap, yet in many stores it is located in the wrong place - and that wrong place is costing you money. You'll learn how to merchandise your cash wrap and service counters to sell product and encourage customers to return and shop with you again.

  • How to Encourage Shoppers to Spend More in Your Store: Learn how to properly use Speed Bump Displays; Power Walls; Cross-Merchandising and Vertical Merchandising like a pro.

Get ready for some crowd control: Are Your Promotions Causing Commotions? is jam-packed with "Non-stop Traffic-Building, Profit-Producing, Attention-Grabbing, Sales-Generating, Competition-Miffing, Customer-Winning Retail Promotions you just can't afford to miss!"

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