• New Feature, Easily Schedule Your Social and Email Posts with SnapRetail

New Feature: Smart Calendar, Scheduling Your Social and Email Posts is Easier Than Ever!

By |January 25th, 2017|Blog, Email Marketing, Product Announcements, Social Media|

If you ask any of our small businesses about their most loved SnapRetail feature, the survey is always pretty clean: the planning calendar. Why? You can easily get a comprehensive view of your marketing plan: emails, social posts, website updates, and events. But, even the […]

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Clean Up Your Email Marketing this Spring with Our Checklist!

By |April 14th, 2016|Blog, Email Marketing|

Email Marketing is constantly changing. The days of sending out the same email to a list several years old are gone. Email marketing needs to be targeted to attract savvy customers and lists need to be cleaned to keep them relevant and updated. Read below […]

  • 4 Mistakes Blog Header1

4 Mistakes Most Businesses Make When Selling their Products through Email Marketing

By |March 21st, 2016|Blog, E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Valued Partners|

A guest blog by Kate Barrett from Shine a Light Media

Do you want to increase your sales?

If the answer to that question is a big fat “YES” (which I’m hoping it is!), email marketing is […]

  • Using Videos on Your Website and in Email SnapRetail

Using Video on Your Website and in Email

By |February 8th, 2016|Blog, How to, Marketing|

Using Video in Your Email and Website Marketing The year was 1980: Jellies were the rage and The Buggles said it best with, “Oh-a-oh…Video killed the radio star!” Video was a big deal and brought a change to music. Now over […]

  • How To Collect and Build Email List SnapRetail Header Image

How to Collect and Build Your Email List

By |November 11th, 2015|Blog, How to, Marketing|

Computer with notebook saying How to Collect Email List An email list is your biggest secret weapon to reaching your customers effectively. Think about it – what if social media dissolved tomorrow? You’d have no way of contacting your […]

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Unsubscribes from Email Lists: What Next?

By |October 20th, 2015|Blog, Email Marketing, Marketing|

Woman unsubscribes from email list As business owners, it’s hard to separate yourself from your work. It’s your baby. Long nights with lots of heartache, hard decisions, and sacrifices makes it hard to separate yourself from your business. […]

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Introducing: The SnapRetail Product Widget

By |August 6th, 2015|Blog, E-Commerce, Product Announcements|

eCommerce makes it way to Email with the new Product Widget

At SnapRetail, one of our main goals is to help you generate more traffic and revenue for your business, whether it is for brick-and-mortar, online, or both. That’s […]

  • Adding a Personal Touch to Your Email Marketing

Adding Personalization to Your Email Marketing

By |July 25th, 2014|Blog, Marketing, Product Announcements|

Personalizing customer emails can help you build loyalty and strengthen relationships with your customers. That’s why we’ve added new features to make it easy for you to collect customer information, create lists and send beautiful emails to your customers. By adding a personal touch to […]

  • 13 Reasons Why Not to Use a Personal Email Account for Email Marketing

13 Reasons Why Not to Use a Personal Email Account for Email Marketing

By |July 21st, 2014|Blog, Marketing|

Sending marketing emails to your customers from Outlook, or any other personal email service provider, may seem innocent enough. No harm, no foul, right? Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Not only does it violate major laws, it can have some negative effects on your business, […]

  • Spring Mood Board

Template Inspiration: Spring Mood Board

By |March 17th, 2014|Blog, Marketing, Retail Insight|

The days are getting longer and new products are arriving in your store daily. What better way to turn up the sunshine on spring than through your store, email and social media channels? This month, we’re giving you the tools to do just that with […]