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Spring has finally sprung and now is the time for some joie de vivre. During the month of April, many of us find ourselves engulfed in spring cleaning and that should extend to our older jewelry pieces that could use a bit of spiffing up!
That’s where we come in. April is a prime time for restyle projects. You get to revisit those heirloom pieces or the items that you haven’t worn in ages to recreate a perfect piece to fit your lifestyle today.

Read more about restyling in our new and upcoming D. Muscio blog series where the first one will discuss what it means to restyle.

In the Studio
Introducing… Our new studio space! In March, we made our studio move and things are off to a fantastic start. We’d love for you to come and check it out when you book your next appointment.
And speaking of appointments, now you can book your appointments online!

Simply click on the link below and start scheduling 24/7.

Feature of the Month:

Check out our April pick below!
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D. Muscio
14k gold with round brilliant cut white diamond border (.20 cts) on 16" chain
Happy April Birthday!

The birthstone of April is the highly coveted diamond.
Most diamonds are primeval—over a billion years old—and form deep within the earth. Diamonds are the hardest gem of all that's solely made of carbon. And the gem can range anywhere from pure and colorless to fancy jewel toned or pastel hues.
*Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America (www.gia.edu)

 Call or schedule an appointment to find out how you can incorporate the April birthstone into your next custom piece!

On The Web

As you know, we value our clients and enjoy providing you with the D. Muscio experience that you have come to expect. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for on each and every project. And as a small business, we thrive on clients just like you who help us tremendously just by sharing your feedback!

We’d love to hear from you on our Google Plus profile page! Simply click on the link below to write a review.

"Your opinions matter and we greatly appreciate the time that you take to share!*
Jewelry Tip of the Month:

Purchase fine jewelry pieces that work with your daily lifestyle. So if you work with your hands a lot (putting your rings at risk for heavy wear and tear) opt for low band settings or choose a nice pair of earrings instead.
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