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Gemstone Creations
Name Necklaces

A couple months ago we shared with you how our goldsmith converted Craig's class ring into a beautiful bangle bracelet for Nancy. This month we are very excited to show you a sample of the name necklaces that we can also create for you. This one is Kimberly's. It is a copy of her signature and is done in sterling silver. We can create one of any name in any font or style that you wish. Stop in and ask us about them!
25th Anniversary

Nancy opened Gemstone Creations on September 1, 1992 - 25 years ago. Originally located at 524 Caroline Street, it's hard to believe that we've been the place Where Fredericksburg Gets Engaged for 25 years! 
Waterline Project 

The waterline project in the 600 and 500 blocks of Caroline Street is finally finished! The street has been repaved and it looks great! Thank you to all of you who made the effort to come and see us during these past six months. It should be much easier to stop in now. 
Kimberly's Carats

Archaeologists have found Egyptian jewelry from 2000 BC containing Peridot and Romans named Peridot the "emerald of everything" due to its vibrant green glow. 

Roman soldiers going off to war would also wear Sardonyx, engraved with a picture of Mars (the god of war), believing it would bring them courage. 

The famous Black Prince's Ruby in the British Crown Jewels is actually a red Spinel. It was not until 1783 that Spinel was identified as a different mineral than Ruby.
Raw Diamonds

According to House Beautiful raw diamonds are quickly catching on for brides who want their engagement rings to be unique. The concept isn't entirely new. Raw diamonds have appealed to women with a Bohemian flair for years. But now they're becoming a trend across all fashion senses, according to House Beautiful. They're often put into a gold setting. Brides.com also highlighted a raw diamond in a feature late last year on stunning nontraditional engagement rings. There's probably no denying, though, that its still an earthy look and won't appeal to everyone. Raw diamonds are not the only style to be hailed as the next big thing for engagement rings. Several articles earlier this year touted colored gemstones as a hot trend among millennial brides-to-be.
August Birthstone

August's birthstone is Peridot. Peridot is one of the few birthstones that comes in only one color ranging from brownish green to yellowish green. Peridots with a lot of iron show the deeper green colors. Peridot is thought to bring the wearer good luck, success and peace.

There are also two alternative birthstones for August - Sardonyx and Spinel. Sardonyx 
is the reddish brown colored member of the Agate family and it normally has varying  colored layers and a vitreous to waxy luster.  The main use of Sardonyx throughout the ages  has  been  to  make  carved  cameos. Spinel is often used as a ruby alternative. In fact, many famous rubies were actually Spinel. In ancient times mines in Southeast Asia produced many large Spinel crystals which passed through many hands as spoils of war. 
August Trivia Game

Answer these trivia questions for your chance to win a $25 Gemstone Creations gift certificate!

1. The 4 C's of Diamonds are Cut, Color, Clarity and:

A. Cost
B. Carat Weight
C. Confidence

2. The tool that a jeweler uses to look at jewelry under magnification is called a:

A. Magnatometer
B. Loupe
C. Refractometer

The Trivia Game winner will be determined by random drawing from everyone who posts the correct answers by Monday August 7th.   

The answers must be posted on our Facebook wall.

The winner will be posted on Facebook and in our next month's eNewsletter.

Touch or click here to post your answers to our Facebook page. If you don't Facebook you can email your answers to gemcreationsplat@aol.com. Good Luck! Congratulations to Vicki Christensen who won our May trivia game. We did not have a winner for our June or July games.
Birthday or Anniversary in August? Save 15% OFF One Item 
Offer for all regular priced items only. Limited to one item per customer. Some exclusions may apply - see associate for details.
Expires 08/31/2017
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Gemstone Creations has been satisfying the Fredericksburg, Virginia area’s fine jewelry needs since 1992. We’re “Where Fredericksburg Gets Engaged”, and engagement rings are just where we begin. We are a full service jewelry store and can provide all your jewelry needs. We’re not the biggest jewelry store in Fredericksburg or the oldest, but we try our hardest to be the most friendly, welcoming and accommodating – and the most fun.
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