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A guest appearance at our gate!
Warm Greetings from North Pole, Alaska!
Today is winter solstice, a day we always look forward to and celebrate. It's also called the shortest day of the year because we receive the least amount of daylight hours on this day and it's very noticeable here in the Far North.

Alaskans look forward to this special day every year because it means tomorrow we will gain 4-7 extra minutes of daylight! More sunshine and light is our reward until summer solstice, when the seasons reverse once again.
Track Santa's Journey on Christmas Eve
Track Santa
Find out where Santa is as he makes his journey around the world on Christmas Eve. Your little ones and you will be part of keeping the magic of Christmas alive when you "Track Santa's Journey" on Christmas Eve at NORAD!
Historical Information about NORAD
The tradition of tracking Santa began in the 1950s with a misprint in an ad in a local Colorado newspaper. Read more about NORAD's involvement and how the history of tracking Santa got its start in this touching and inspirational NPR Story.

Track Santa on Your Mobile Device
For those of you who wish to track Santa on your mobile device, there are mobile apps to do so. Visit your app store and search for "Norad Santa Tracker" or "Norad Tracks Santa."
Easy Holiday Recipes
Recipe Origins and Information

Printed below are two easy recipes to help get your holidays off to a great start and impress your family and friends! 

Remember the word "Punch" and "Bundt Pan"? Well, we are reviving these two retro words, and bringing them back to life for the holiday parties!

Our first recipe is a simple punch recipe to make or take to parties, and it's quick and easy. We make this tasty punch every year at our annual Christmas Party and our friends love it, and it can be served in a punch bowl or in a beverage dispenser.

The second recipe is not printed, but a super easy Snowman Cheese Ball recipe you can make and it will look like you spent hours preparing it. We have made this recipe for our Christmas Party and received many oohs and aahs from our friends!

Note: We kept the cheese balls plain and did not add the ranch dip, but followed the rest of the instructions. Click the link to make the Snowman Cheese Ball. 

Alaskan Berry Punch
by Pam Sattler (aka Mrs. Claus)

2 cans frozen Cranberry Juice
2 (2-liter bottles) Ginger Ale, chilled

Add two cans of frozen cranberry juice and two (2-liter bottles) of ginger ale to a punch bowl. Stir well and add ice or the optional frozen Cranberry Ice Ring below.

Frozen Cranberry Ice Ring (make 24 hours or more before party)

Note: Ice ring is for a punch bowl, but you can also freeze the ingredients in ice cube trays to add to a beverage dispenser. 

6 to 8 cups cranberry juice
1 cup cranberries or blueberries (cranberries work better)
1 orange, sliced

1. Add 6 to 8 cups of cranberry juice to a bundt pan (fill to at least half way up bundt pan sides).
2. Then add 6 to 8 orange slices, symmetrically, around the center of bundt pan.
3. Next, sprinkle cranberries or blueberries in between orange slices.
4. Freeze for 8-10 hours.
5. Before adding ice ring to punch bowl, thaw 5 minutes, and then the ice ring will slide right out of the bundt pan.


Thank You
Thank you for being a loyal customer and for your business in 2017.  We are grateful for our repeat customers and thankful for our new customers as well. We are no longer taking orders for the Christmas Season, but we will resume online ordering for Alaska gifts beginning January 16, 2018.

Thank you again for your patronage and business in 2017. We wish you and your families a joyous and warm holiday season.

Santa's Letters and Gifts
Ice Sculpture in Fairbanks, Alaska
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Enjoy this icy looking Christmas Tree - we captured at a previous event in Fairbanks.
Santa's Letters and Gifts
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