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Kootenai Moon
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Just a note from us
We have been selling Magniflex Mattresses, made in Italy, with great success over the last year and have developed a strong relationship with this company who have been in business for over 50 years. During this time we have found that the  integrity of the Company, the choices of comfort levels and the workmanship on these mattresses are second to none.

These mattresses  are different than the average memory foam mattress in many ways.  In particular the Dolce Vita line offers Dual Comfort by providing 2 seperate mattresses under one cover.  see below  Each mattress has 2 choices of comfort ; a softer or firmer side and you can flip each one of them over to achieve different comfort levels very easily. The Cover is made with OUTLAST® a heat regulating fabric so you don't heat up sleeping on memory faom.  There are 3 different firmness combinations you can choose from, so it really becomes a  personal decision for your own comfort level. We believe you have to test a mattress before you buy it, so we have models here at the store for you to try. 

Another terrific feature of Magniflex mattresses  is that  they come rolled and vacuum packed in a box. This makes transport to your home so easy! Drop ship is also available, so we can send it to your nearest Purolator outlet, no extra shipping charges! 

Come  in now while this amazing sale is on. Buy a King for the price of a Queen or a Queen for the price of a full/double mattress.
Kootenai Moon

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