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February was a power-packed month!  There is sooooo much to over and it's all great!
WOW!  February is just about gone.  It seems like New Year's Eve was yesterday!  But February started with a BIGGER BANG than New Year's!  Of course you know what I am talking about....Drum roll please......The amazing Philadelphia E-A-G-L-E-S!! 
Do we live in a great city or what??? How much fun was it for the
E-A-G-L-E-S to win the Super Bowl and then we had a parade like no other to celebrate their victory!  I actually wore my "vintage" Nick Foles t-shirt from when he played for the Eagles before.  I never threw it out!  I don't think anyone will ever forget the dog masks. 
What a statement!  Underdogs no more! 

This city loves their E-A-G-L-E-S.  Hooray!!!  Hooray!!
Kershner Office Furniture has made a resolution for 2018 to focus on and promote KINDNESS.  Random Acts of Kindness Day was February 17th but kindness can be spread any day of the year.  It's a positive feeling for the giver and receiver.  Please join us by being mindful and spread a little kindness today!
Gab Featured Product - Biophilic Walls
Okay, so last month I gabbed about 2018 Design trends.  Well, the Biophilic design trend is EVERyWHERE! 
I recently met with Cathy Latshaw who reps Nevins.  You really need to go to their website and check out the "Bio Canvas" and "Living Leaf" walls.  While you are there check out their gorgeous furniture too!  I also want to mention that I met Stephanie Krajcsovics from Parker at a recent event.  Parker is an interior landscape company who installs the biophilic walls for your clients.
Bio Canvas walls bring nature inside.  The collection consists of preserved natural materials that require NO maintenance & offer substantial benefits for your interior space.  It uses lightweight fire-resistant frames that mount the biophilic materials to walls or the Bio Canvas Acoustic Dividers.  The frames consist of a 2-part, patent pending design that offers an easy snap on/off system that enables the use to interchange panel inserts with ease.  The panel inserts consist of acoustic moss, sustainable poplar bark and light stone. 
Living Leaf Walls off the same biophilic properties of sustainable design that reconnects human being's with nature.  They provide designers with support to easily create the spaces for a turnkey system. Unlike their competitors, Nevins starts with an easy install and instant lush plant wall aesthetics with a simple watering system.
Filling the Need for Amenities
Did I mention the Bisnow event that I attended @ The Bourse which focused on "Philly Workplace of the Future"?  It appears the design words for 2018 are "Amenity Spaces".  Have you noticed that a lot of articles lately are about amenity spaces? 
For those designers fortunate enough to be the one selecting furniture, this is going to be a dream job.  Clients are looking for a really diverse space with accommodations for all. 
To help make your life a little easier when it comes to furnishing amenity spaces Jeremiah and I are in the process of creating
an Amenity Space "idea booklet" much like the on we did for Post-Neocon products).  Stay tuned - we can't wait to visit with you to review and drop them off!
Beautiful amenity space at 1919 Market St. by Kershner Office Furniture
Same space - 
Did you know we sell pool tables too?
On January 31st (the night of the super moon!) Kershner Office Furniture, IIDA and PEA hosted an event we named "CONNECT"
at the beautiful Diversified Lighting Associates showroom in the Bourse building.  It featured the screening of "The Connected Space" a documentary film by Gary Hustwit.   
If you missed the event and would like to check out the film -
click here!
The CONNECT event was the Philadelphia "premiere" of the acclaimed documentary that explores the past, present and future office. It followed the journey of Foster Partners as they design a space for a client with specific criteria. Throughout the film you are made aware of the highs and lows of the creative process and the obstacles they encounter. The final result on "move day" was quite amazing. It really was a great film!
CONNECT was the first in a series of "edu-tational" events that Kershner Office Furniture will be hosting in 2018 - stay tuned!!
Click on event name for link to tickets!

The Philadelphia Flower Show - "Wonders of Water"
March 3 through March 11

Daylight Savings Time starts March 11th!

IDLCPA Pure Madness Event
March 21st, 6pm-8pm
Yards Brewing Company - Spring Garden St.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Patricia Urquiola:  Between Craft and Industry 

Now through March 18th 2018
I will be back at my blogging desk next month with more to GAB about!  Till then - be well - and remember I am here to HELP YOU so call me @ 610-768-0200 or email me at gail@kershneroffice.com

Till Then!! - Gail