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How about a quick rewind to catch up on March and April.
I JUST LOVE MARCH.  It was an incredible month for my family and me.  And now I am going to tell you why....how lucky are you!?!
First and foremost, my son West just GOT ENGAGED to his girlfriend Heather. #amazing!  HOORAY!!!  We are so happy and excited and overjoyed and OMG....it's wonderful!  Heather is drop-dead gorgeous and beautiful inside and out.  West my son who was (past tense) a confirmed bachelor (who I used to call George Clooney) is engaged!  Welcome to family Heather!  #beautifulcouple.
Next, The Flower Show.
Once again this year we hosted several designers at a happy hour followed by the Flower Show. It was somewhat abbreviated this year.  #disappointed.  There were about 3 exhibits that I really liked.  OMG the Wedding exhibit (Richardson's) was amazing.  They even had a wedding cake made from bark.  It was totally amazing!  We went on Friday night which was "Fido Friday" - all dog owners were invited to bring their dogs.  It was tons of fun since a lot of the owners dressed their dogs in costumes.  I was so impressed; all the dogs were very well behaved and so so cute.  I finished the exhibit in no time - but if you liked the little shops at the show you were golden #shopsgalore.
March was my birthday month! 
Yes, yes, yes, I am a Pisces (Ellen Farber and I share the same date - soul sisters!) and I am a left-handed mouser to boot. 
I had the best birthday with lunches and dinners and tons of fun!! The best present ever - West and Heather got engaged. 
One more HOORAY!!  OK - enough Hoorays!  #excitedbirthdaygirl

March was insanely crazy and cold!  It came in like a Lion and went out like a Lion.  Right??? So where did the Lamb go???? 
"THE DREADED NOR'EASTER".  I don't even want to think about it!
So, now it's April and it's usually warm. I said usually (*sigh*).  Remember April Showers (used to) bring May flowers.  We are in such desperate need of warm sunny days and MORE warm sunny days, and yes, a lot more warm sunny days.  And Lambs.  Where is that Lamb?  It's like Seattle right?  Toto - we aren't in Philadelphia anymore!!!  Weather gods PLEASE GET THIS MONTH RIGHT!  My flowers are so confused that are coming up anyway.  This is, however, a positive.  I was told by our exterminator that when we have long cold snaps it means we will have less bugs.  HOORAY HOORAY less mosquitoes.
March Lion Roars!!
My drive home MARCH 21st!
Come on lambs!!
That's my brain - on the right!!!

April is TAX month! 
Oh Yeah the TAX MAN #beatlestune.  Yikes!  I don't think with "that side" of my brain.  I have tried it just doesn't work for me.  The good news is the date was changed this year to April 17th.  The reason it was changed is two-fold:  First, April 15th falls on a Sunday this year.  And, second, Washington DC celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16th.  Hooray for the procrastinators!  
APRIL also means Mini Masters!!!!  Wait!  Did I say Mini Masters?  What a party we had!  Mini Masters is a party to celebrate the famous golf tournament in August GA.  Last year was the first year for the Mini Masters Golf Show Design competition among design firms.  Since it was a hit last year we decided to do it again this year.  Every year the bar gets raised and all the entries were really amazing!  This year Genesis took First Place!  Congrats to the winning team - they did an awesome job.  People Choice (2nd Place) was a tie with Hellyer Lewis and Stantec - congrats to all of you as well!  It was a great time for everyone attending to see our recently expanded and updated showroom.  The new furniture was really well received by all the designers.  Everyone had a great time and......for those of you who want to be part of the Golf Shoe Design competition - it will be back next year!  HOORAY!!
First Place Winner!  Genesis!!  HOORAY!
The creative minds at Genesis! 
Hellyer Lewis - People's Choice
Stantec - People's Choice
Having fun with the photo kiosk!!
Taking a break from "gabbing" LOL
GAB Featured Product:  "PEP" Chair by Kimball
Playful in design, simple in form.  "Pep's" Italian design has an unspoken elegance and durable structure making it a great addition to any application.  With a contour shape that provides comfort all day long.  "Pep" is a true standout.  Combine different shell, frame and leg options to give personality and character to this playful chair. Five chair and stool styles make up the collection. 
Click on event name for link to tickets !! 
Hope to see you out and about!

The Phillies are back in action!
Along with the Union and Pop-Up Beer Gardens!

NEWH Mixology Madness on April 18th

IDLCPA "Pure Madness" Event at Yard's in Fishtown April 18th

Philadelphia Design District - "Nakashima Now & Then" on April 20th

Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd!

IIDA Student Career Day April 24th

Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show April 20 - 22nd

Breakfast with BOSS Design at KOFI May 2nd!! 
Join us for a breakfast CEU presentation brought to you by McKenna & Co.!
Breakfast served @ 8am - Presentation 8:30-9:30am
Email me if you would like to sign up or for more info!

I will be back at my blogging desk next month with more to GAB about!  Till then - be well - and remember I am here to HELP YOU so call me @ 610-768-0200 or email me at gail@kershneroffice.com

Till Then!! - Gail