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Located in NW Indiana, near the town of New Carlisle between Lake Michigan and a huge Beech Tree
Why was Spring  so darn reluctant to show its face this year? 

The daffodils around the kilns took forever to blos- som. I even had to buy these beautiful red tulips to pose in one of Steve's stoneware crucibles. (Yes, crucibles make great planters as well as bake delicious bread.)

And while I've waited weeks to finally plant my veggie garden (and write this newsletter), every passing chilly week brought good (even exciting) news about our 2018 shows. 
To all of my readers: we offer the opportunity to purchase any design you see on our Instagram or Facebook pages as well as this newsletter.  Just call or email us to start the conversation.
2018 Exhibit Schedule
         We hope you have an opportunity to see our latest work throughout the year.  
  • Completed 2018 shows!
  • February: American Craft Show, Baltimore (wholesale and retail)
  • April: Indiana Artisan Marketplace, Indianopolis, IN
  • April: American Craft Show, St. Paul, MN
  • June: 57th Street Art Fair, Chicago, IL
Spring did arrive, and this is how I know...

I made fresh-from-the-garden rhubarb pound cake. (Served on a stoneware oval platter glazed with yellow salt).

​I picked a spring bouquet of iris, chives, clematis, and an incredible chartreuse hosta leaf. (Placed in a stoneware pitcher).
Spring in the Studio: what we've thinking about.
Exploring Glazes: Serena Blue
On stoneware pottery, Serena Blue is an enthralling, beautiful glaze which can reflect a spectrum of blues in a single bowl.    
This glaze is named after a jeweler and gallery owner in LA (SKWorkshop), who was one of our first "clients" and loved this dark blue.  
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Large stoneware Wrapped Bowl with porcelain inlay. Glaze: Serena Blue
...the same glaze can be frustrating and challenging when consistency is the goal. We don't often get an order for 12 identical bowls, but when we do we give the customer the guarantee that each bowl will be lovely AND one-of-a-kind. 

An order of Pasta Bowls.
Stoneware, with Serena Blue glaze
Now, take Serena Blue and let it flow over porcelain clay (the platter below) and the glaze takes on an entirely new personality -- an aqua marine blue, like the Caribbean on a sunny day. The owner of Feeney's Hometown Goods ​in New Carlisle, IN (the location of The Potter's Wife) calls this platter's color "Vieques" blue, named for the island in Puerto Rico, where she vacations.
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A swarth of this platter's porcelain surface is intentionally unglazed to reveal the natural texture and color of the clay.

The outer edge of this porcelain platter is also unglazed and encircles the glaze like   an atoll.
Exploring Shapes: Form Begets Form
The Oval Tureen
A new design for 2018: an oval stoneware tureen with a stoneware "ribbon" wrapped around the bowl's base to create its walls. The impetus for this design was a customer who loved our work's organic quality but needed/wanted a piece which could fit on a narrow table in a hallway.

Stoneware Tureen
14" l x 9" w x 4" h
Available in Creme Brulee,
Serena Blue & Yellow Salt.
Exterior is with iron oxide.
The Oval Platter
While hand building the stoneware tureens, Steve realized that the tureen's oval base, was a lovely, simple shape and the Oval Platter began to evolve. 

Stoneware Oval Platters
Approx 15" l x 3"h x 9" w
Serena Blue, Yellow Salt 
The Wrap

Small Wrap Bowls:
Stoneware, some w/ porcelain inlay.
Glazes: Creme Brulee, Yellow Salt, and
of course, Serena Blue. 
A thin slab of stoneware, sometimes stretched as long as 48", sometimes inlayed with porcelain, is a defining aesthetic characteristic of Steve's work.

The "wrap" is also part of the new Oval Tureen, as well as the namesakeof the Wrap Bowl whether small, medium and large.
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Watch Steve making a Wrap Bowl in his studio... music and all. 
Did you ever think clay could be sexy?
His latest hand built Flat-Bottom Bowl with an extra wide
"ribbon" of wrapped stoneware has an elegant décolletage.

Organic Forms: Jugs
Choose a slim stoneware Melon Jug with a hand carved exterior (left); a hand built stoneware Terra Firm Jug with marbled porcelain (right); or my favorite, the stoneware Falstaff Jug with its warts and all. Each has its unique personality.
Thanks for visiting the 57t Street Art Fair. 
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The small kiln in springtime
The new kiln at the studio built August 2015.
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