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Bird Watcher News   July 31st, 2018
Nectar Recipe:
Four parts warm water to one part refined, white table sugar. Mix and cool. That's it. No dyes, no additives, no organic sugars (brown and "natural" sugars contain iron, which is not good for the birds.) Change every few days or sooner if cloudy.
Hummer Wars have started. Hatching year birds like this young, male Ruby-throat (above) have left the nest and are visiting feeders now. As numbers increase, you'll notice lots of chasing and squabbling. Photo by Stephen C. Bosshardt
Our Annual Hummingbird Banding Event at Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw is coming up on Saturday, September 8th. Watch for details coming up in future newsletters! 
Hi, BirdWatchers!
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Join hummingbird bander and expert Julia Elliott ("The Hummingbird Whisperer") for a fun and informative talk, All About Hummingbirds. Julia has had the joy of working up close with these dynamic little birds for over ten years, and will explain their timeline of migration and breeding, share how to successfully attract and feed them, dispel some common myths, and answer questions.
Adult male Ruby-throat
photo by Stephen C. Bosshardt
Afterwards, shop our huge selection of hummingbird feeders and accessories. Julia and the rest of the staff will be on hand to make sure you go home with the perfect setup for success! The talks will be held at three store locations for your convenience. Visit our Facebook page or click each event below for directions and to RSVP:
Saturday, 8/11 at Kennesaw from 11am-12pm

Sunday, 8/12 at Buford from 2pm-3pm

Saturday, 8/18 at Marietta from 11am-12pm

Shep the Ruby-throat, Atlanta Audubon's Education Ambassor will be making a special appearance at the Buford talk on 8/12. Don't miss it!
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