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APRIL 2020
Kershner Office Furniture recognizes the importance of staying connected with our customers during this time. Our team is always available via phone, text or email to answer your questions, so that you never feel like you’re in this alone.
We will stay the course as we get through this T O G E T H E R!
There is no one right way to get inspiration. It is deeply personal and derives from what is important to you and what drives you. But no matter where you find it, it is an integral part of what keeps us going when times get tough. It should come as no surprise that the best ideas, the most creative concepts, and the most positive results come from people who are inspired.

Kershner Office Furniture, is creating ways to stay inspired every day and sharing that inspiration with you. Here are some of the ways the Kershner family stays inspired.

Stay Connected
It’s evident that social media has become a lifeline for many of us. You’ve probably noticed that people who never believed in the power of social media are now more active than ever. What’s cool is that we’re starting to use social platforms in more creative and genuine ways. From scheduling virtual meetings to turning our social platforms into information central for our business. Staying connected and engaged inspires us all.
Focus on What Matters​
With so much to distract us, we only have time to focus on what truly matters. Use this time to develop strategies that effectively and consistently updates your customers on the status of your business. Set new goals, new norms, and realistic expectations. Social distancing can’t stop the positive and creative flow.
Brainstorming is a creative gold mine. Don't just bring the beautiful minds of your peers to the table, but your competitors too. They are all in the same boat. It’s a great time to experiment with new lines of business and see what sticks. Two brains or more will always be better than one.
Use Inspiring Language
The ability to inspire is the single most important leadership skill. The ability to infuse energy, passion, commitment, and connection to an organization's mission and direction is essential to your business during this time.
Plan for the Future
Think about how you will celebrate getting back-to-business. Start to envision the possibilities of recovery and growth. Get the party invitations ready!

So, get inspired! Because together we will come out on the other side better and stronger than ever before!

Virtual Meetings On The Rise
The past few months has been filled with monumental changes and our new norm is unrecognizable. Quarantined to our homes, practicing social distancing, losing track of days and not being able to see our loved ones has put our level of creativity and patience to the ultimate test.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue. Learning new ways to communicate with your team while running your business remotely is requiring business owners to become tech savvy in ways they couldn't imagine. Here are some user-friendly apps that will keep the your business running smoothly and allow you to connect with your team on any device, from any location.

StarLeaf enables seamless collaboration through reliable meeting rooms, video conferencing and secure messaging. The experience is feature-rich, allowing total interoperability across all devices.
Cisco's WebEx video conferencing service operates like a mash-up of web conferencing and voice calling services, as it enables joining meetings online or via the phone, depending on the participant's location and ability at the time.
BlueJeans is a full-featured web conferencing app that integrates with collaboration tools.Bluejeans uses a system of meetings, rooms and events to enable video meetings anywhere.
Slack has integrated video conferencing features. Video conferencing is like an add-on to the functionality of Slack and can be a great tool for integrating hybrid teams.
This video chat service is ideal for small organizations that want a simple method for connecting team members. It features a fast service due to its streamlined nature. 
Thank You
We are grateful for the thousands of dedicated doctors, extraordinary nurses, pharmacists, EMT's, technicians and all healthcare workers, for the long hours and dedication to saving lives.

The Iconic David Edward Brand
American businessman and entrepreneur, James Cash Penney once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” Today, we embark on an exciting journey of growth that is the result of two leading furniture companies bringing generations of quality, experience, and family roots together.

For over 55 years, David Edward has been a recognized design leader with a reputation for high-end designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and integrity of product.

Kimball - Making In Impact
Bob Beck recently sat down with our Kimball President, Phyllis Goetz for an interview, which was featured in today’s issue of Officeinsight. Thanks for the great highlight, Bob! Read it here: https://lnkd.in/eyt5KBA

Moment of Motivation
Physical fitness is an important coping mechanism for those of us trying to keep anxiety at bay and maintain a sense of normalcy and well-being and practice social distancing, all while working from home.

If you haven’t been exercising during this time and you’re good at coming up with excuses not to exercise, today is the day to start replacing those excuses with motivational thoughts and affirmations. Instead of telling yourself “I don’t have time,” tell yourself “I will look at the calendar right now and find or make time to exercise this week.”

What matters the most is not the type of exercise you do or the intensity, what matters most, especially when you’re not feeling highly motivated, is that you just keep moving. Between streaming services, online resources and fitness apps, everything you need to become to stay fit at home is available at your fingertips. So, get up and work it out!

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