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Bird Watcher News    February 23rd, 2021
Self Care
We all need it now more than ever!
Duke Cannon's Bloody Knuckles will soothe even the worst dry, over-washed winter hands. Unscented--great for guys and gals.
Kiss Me In The Garden is being restocked this week--Shea Butter Balm, Hand and Body Creme, Body Milk and Bath Bars. Try our new scent Essential Pineapple + Coconut!
Relax and enjoy the delicious scents from The Canary’s Nest Candle Company, a veteran-owned, family company in Lenox, Georgia. All of their candles are made from pure soy wax and smell amazing!
NO paraffin, NO harsh chemicals, NO uv inhibitors or additives 
Hi, BirdWatchers!
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Low and empty seed shelves make us sad, too!
It's the last week to get Double Points on Cole's Wild Bird Products--our promotion ends February 28th (which we know is taking place at the worst possible time.) Our industry is seeing severe shortages due to a huge increase in bird feeding as a hobby combined with supply chain issues from Covid-19, but we are trying to remain on our usual schedule as much as we can, and late winter/early spring is when birds need supplemental food the most.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We also want to thank our staff for not only being troopers working retail in a pandemic, but a few have been verbally and even physically abused recently. A male customer threw a 5lb bag at one of our female employees last week because we were out of his usual seed. We will absolutely not tolerate bad behavior. Let's all be kind to one another, please. 

We suggest you contact us before making a trip to buy birdseed, suet, mealworms, etc. and we can let you know what's in stock, hold and/or ring it up for you. Our stores each get weekly Cole's deliveries. 

Kennesaw - 770-499-7597

Roswell - 770-642-5599

Buford - 770-945-9499

Marietta - 770-973-7712

Canton - 770-720-3020
Many of you have read about or observed sick Pine Siskins, an irruption species here in huge numbers this winter. To discourage the spread of any bacteria such as Salmonella in large flocks of birds, always use good seed (nothing with milo or fillers that are kicked out below and easily contaminated by droppings) and clean your bird feeders often, including any seed on the ground. But a prominent ornithologist at Auburn University, Geoff Hill, says taking down feeders could be more harmful than leaving them up. Check out his You Tube video here.
Pine Siskin recovering from a window strike--Jane Walker
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