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"To Jesus through Mary"
Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm with Rosary at 11:30 am and Mass at 12 noon.
Fridays 10am-7:30pm with Rosary at 11:30 am, Mass at 12 Noon, Adoration from 12:30-7:30 pm. Friday evening Mass 7:30 pm followed by Exposition & Devotions until 9 pm.
First Saturdays only: Open 10 am -2 pm, Mass at 10:30 followed by Exposition & devotions. 
Confessions follow every Mass. Bookstore always closed during Mass.

February 2023 Newsletter
The Church dedicates February to the HOLY FAMILY, our model of virtue for the Catholic home and the ideal of what family life should exemplify. The family is the school of virtue for both parents and children. It is where we learn to love God and others, to pray and to practice the gift of charity. “The family, more than any other human reality, is the place in which the person is loved for himself and in which he learns to live the sincere gift of self” (Pope St. JPII). Is it any wonder that the family is under attack? Let us pray for all families, especially for those suffering from the brokenness of estrangement.

SNOW in the Forecast?
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We will be open if possible and prudent. We do not follow County closings. 

This month is packed! Be sure to scroll all the way down.
Traditional Blessings of Candles
& Sacramentals on Candlemas

Thursday, February 2nd 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus, is a Christian holiday commemorating the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It falls on February 2, which is traditionally the 40th day of the Christmas-Epiphany season.

Bring your sacramentals and candles to be blessed!
Candles are available for sale in the Bookstore: 6-Day Candles $4 ea.; 3-Day (72 hour) 100% Beeswax Candles In Glass $20 ea.; 12” 51% Beeswax Taper Candles $4 ea.

If possible, please purchase your candles beforehand and take them upstairs to Mass to be blessed. We do not sell already-blessed candles.
Stay for the 2 pm Cenacle on the
Flame of Love Feast Day 
This is also the day which Our Lady requested to Elizabeth Kindleman be the day on which the Feast of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be observed.
Flame of Love Cenacles meet Tuesdays at 10 am remotely, and Thursdays at 2 pm in the OLC Chapel as well as remotely. These prayer groups pray for the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is Christ Himself, to be enkindled in our hearts and bring about a new Pentecost. There is no denying that this is exactly what our broken and hurting world needs. Learn more about this powerful and growing devotion HERE. Contact Paul & Joan Kane HERE for the materials and to sign up. Live streaming available for those who cannot attend in person.
Learn about the Flame of Love movement by watching the video HERE
February 3rd...A Very Special FIRST FRIDAY
First Friday Mass & Devotions
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Confessions & Devotions will follow both Masses.
Our Lord's First Friday Promises

St. Blaise Feast Day Blessing of Throats
at both the 12:00 Noon & 7:30 pm Masses
Join us for Mass and have your throat blessed with candles. This tradition dates back to the 4th century after St. Blaise, a bishop and martyr saved a boy choking on a fishbone. We invoke St. Blaise for his protection against any physical ailment of the throat. Let us also pray for protection against any spiritual ailment which may find vent through our throats: profanity, cursing, unkind remarks, or gossip. St. James warns us, "If a man who does not control his tongue imagines that he is devout, he is self-deceived; his worship is pointless." This warning is particularly appropriate in a society whose interactions have become increasingly uncivil. St. Blaise, pray for us!
February 4th...A Very Special FIRST SATURDAY
Prayer warriors needed!
Learn to Pray the Rosary in Latin
First Saturdays at 9:45 am
Have you ever wanted to learn how to pray the Rosary in Latin? Perhaps you grew up with the Latin tongue and miss hearing it prayed. Exorcists such as Fr. Gabriel Amorth have attested to the fact that the devil hates Latin. You are invited to come early before First Saturday Mass, to pray a Rosary in Latin with us. Print outs and instruction will be provided. Discover the many reasons why we should consider praying in Latin HERE. View Raymond Cardinal Burke praying it HERE.
First Saturday Mass & Devotions
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Confessions & Devotions will follow Mass and end with Benediction.
Shop will be open 11:15 am - 2:00 pm
Our Lady's First Saturday Promises

Join us in making reparation for the sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lord and Our Lady will grant you a peace beyond all understanding and guard your heart in these troubled times.
Special presentation by local guest author
"The Key to Your Interior Life (and Everything Else)!"

Saturday, February 4th, 12:00 pm
The Talk & Q&A will directly follow First Saturday Mass, Exposition, Devotions & Benediction.
Just in time to prepare for Lent - whether meditation is new to you or a daily practice, you will find insights and inspiration to spending daily time in one-on-one conversation with God:
  1. What are mental prayer, meditation, and contemplation?
  2. How is it that we are all created for mental prayer?
  3. How does science continue to support the reality and importance of mental prayer?
  4. What exactly are Grace and Glory and how do we participate in them?
  5. What do the Saints and spiritual masters have to say about the importance of mental prayer?
  6. What are the very real (but supernatural) ways that God transforms us through meditation?
  7. How does meditation relate to our daily activities?
  8. How does meditation arm us for spiritual warfare?
  9. The good news about distraction and dryness in meditation.
Steve Smith is the creator of the Interior Life prayer mobile app and author of 30 Days to Christian Meditation (purchase through the Bookstore) and 5 Days to Christian Spiritual Vaccination (All who attend the talk will get complimentary digital access!)  He is the devoted husband of Karen Smith, OLC staff member and also a trained spiritual mentor. More information at the Interior Life site.
Regularly Scheduled Activities:
Seven Sorrows Rosary
Every Tuesday & Friday 11:00 am 
(followed by our regular rosary at 11:30 pm)
Join us as we honor Our Lady of Sorrows. Learn about Our Lady of Kibeho and the promises associated with this devotion. Booklets provided and materials available in the store. Learn more HERE.
Children's Storytime & Craft
2nd & 4th Wed. of the month, 10:30-11:30 am in the Conference Room
February Dates: 2/8 & 2/22
Bring the children to hear Mrs. Ginny read entertaining and wonderfully virtuous Catholic children's books, do a fun craft, and enjoy a snack. RSVP if possible. Drop-ins always welcome!
Blanket Making
2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
after 12:00 Noon Mass
February Dates: 2/14 & 2/28

These simple no-sew blankets will be blessed and distributed to children in crisis through Project Linus. Donations appreciated to cover the cost of the fleece. Check out Howard County Chapter Coordinator Marsha Kessler's Facebook group post HERE! 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena
Thursdays following 12:00 Noon Mass
In this novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary in asking for her assistance. The image has helped her provide strength, comfort and miracles to the faithful for centuries!
Holy Hour of Reparation
to the Sacred Heart before the Blessed Sacrament
Second Fridays of the Month
Friday, February 10th following 12:00 Noon MassBooklets provided
In light of the affronts against God and his creation which are being perpetrated and increasingly promoted in our world, we are again making this powerful devotion a regular activity. Come join in these vocal prayers of thanksgiving and reparation to the Blessed Trinity and especially our Savior, prayers through our dear Blessed Mother, and all the saints for unity in the Church, for sinners of all types, for a just and lasting peace in the world and more!

Novena to the Holy Face
Sunday, Feb. 12 - Monday, Feb. 20th
in preparation for the Holy Face Feast Day, Shrove Tuesday, Feb 21st
We will pray this novena together at OLC after all 12:00 Noon Weekday Masses. As we are closed on the weekends, we will pray virtually.  Email Ada Vergne with any questions and to join a prayer room for the weekends. Prayer intentions and daily novena prayers are posted HERE.
The Novena to the Holy Face of Jesus is prayed on the nine days leading up to and concluding on Shrove Tuesday, the Feast of the Holy Face, to make reparation for the blasphemies made against our Lord by atheists and the profaning of Sundays by Catholics. We will pray before the blessed image of the Holy Face which was installed in our chapel in 2016, the very same image to which St. Therese was dedicated, and a reproduction of the image known as "Vera Effigies” of the veil of Veronica. More information HERE.
President's Day Holy Hour
Monday, February 20th following 12:00 Noon Mass
Come spend an hour with us in solemn Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament as we honor our former presidents who defended and upheld our freedoms and also to pray for the office of the presidency and for its current and future occupants. We will never cease calling for the defense of our freedoms, especially the freedom of religion. Nor will we cease to pray for those entrusted with authority over us, that they allow themselves to be humbly guided by Truth and blessed with true wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
Ash Wednesday Mass
with Distribution of Ashes

Wednesday, February 22nd12:00 Noon
If you can not make it to Mass at your parish, come to OLC and receive your ashes at noon Mass, and stay for Confession to kick off your Lenten journey cleansed of spiritual impurities.

Stations of the Cross
Fridays during Lent in the Chapel after both the 12:00 Noon and 7:30 pm Masses. Join us as we pray the Way of the Cross together. They enable us to feel Jesus’ suffering, give us strength in times of suffering, instill in us a compassion for those who suffer, remind us of the vast love of God, and give us a sign of great hope as we look forward to the Resurrection. Learn how the Stations began HERE.
Pray for Vocations with the Ecce Homo Traveling Bust of Our Lord & Blessed Chalice
Sign up in the Bookstore to take home the Ecce Homo bust of Our Lord and blessed chalice for a two week interval. Set them up in a place of honor in your home and, during that period, pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life as well as your own personal intentions. Instructions and optional prayers and devotional materials are included, as well as a diary filled with the entries of those who have hosted the bust and chalice in their homes previously. Many miracles and wonders have happened as a result of this devotion. 

Tell your friends about OLC. They can sign up for the newsletter HERE
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February Events at a Glance:
2/02 Thurs.: Candlemas, Presentation of Our Lord, & Flame of Love Feast Day, 11:30 am-1 pm
2/03 Fri.: St. Blaise Feast Day Blessing of the Throats, 12:00 Noon & 7:30 pm Masses
along with First Friday Devotions
2/04 Sat.: ​LATIN ROSARY AT 9:45 AM, First Saturday Mass 10:30 am followed by Devotions. Talk by Steve Smith, "The Key to Your Interior Life" at 12:00 pm
2/9 Wed.: Children's Storytime & Craft, 10:30 am
2/10 Fri.: Holy Hour of Reparation, following 12 noon Mass
2/12 Sun.: Holy Face Novena begins (start at home)
2/14 Tues.: Linus Project Blanket Making, 1 pm
2/20 Mon.: President's Day Holy Hour after 12:00 Noon Mass
2/22 Wed.: Children's Storytime & Craft, 10:30 am
                  ASH WEDNESDAY​ Mass with distribution of Ashes, 12:00 Noon

2/28 Tues.: Linus Project Blanket Making, 1 pm

*We are a non-profit. All sales go towards supporting the Shrine! 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Sweethearts
We've just received another shipment of Trappistine Candy including Milk and Dark Chocolate Hearts and Fudge, all freshly made and prayed over by the Trappistine Nuns of Mount St. Mary's Abbey in Massachusetts. Come pick up a box or two before they disappear, along with a card and perhaps a little gift that conveys your love in light of Christ's abundant, unconditional and everlasting love. Watch a video showing the nuns at work creating their wonderful candy and discussing their vocation HERE!
Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day is February 11th. Immaculate Waters soaps and lotions made with pure Lourdes grotto water in Rose and Lavender scents. The perfect gift for your valentine!
We carry Cafe 4 Life Pro-life Coffee, the official coffee of the March for Life. Your coffee dollars will help save the unborn and support mothers in need as well as the monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe and, modestly, Our Lady's Center too! Makes a thoughtful pro-life gift! Learn more HERE.
Prepare for a Holy Lent & Easter
Chef Geisser presents 75 tasty international recipes for a uniquely Catholic way of celebrating the penitential Lenten season.
Magnifikid! Daily Lenten Journey features daily reflections, Scripture, intercessions, and small self-giving steps toward Easter.
Precious insights for our Lenten journey that take us to the heart of the interior life of St. John Henry Newman.
A beautiful guide to the customs and devotions of Lent and the season of Christ's Resurrection. It includes the tradition of St. Joseph's table!
NEW! Gorgeous Icon Easter Egg Wraps
Simply drop them in hot water and you have beautiful decorated eggs.
NEW! Go fly a Kite and proclaim your faith for all to see! 30x35" colorful diamond kites with colorful tails. 
New Releases Arriving Daily!

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Ways to Help Support OLC:
Through the last 48 years, countless patrons have paid it forward to help this little family apostolate grow and thrive, ensuring that countless lives and hearts would be touched by the gentle hand of Mary through our efforts. If you are so moved, please consider helping us continue this beautiful legacy which is needed perhaps now more than ever. Help us continue our mission to bring people to Christ through Mary. We are registered 501 (c)3 non-profit. Thank you, and God bless you!
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Our Lady's Center Marian Shrine

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Store Hours
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Chapel Hours:

Holy Sacrifice
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Friday: 12:30 - 7:30 pm
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Followed by: Confessions, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction
Our Lady's Center Marian Shrine is a Catholic lay apostolate within the Archdiocese of Baltimore located outside of Baltimore, Maryland in Ellicott City. We offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and confessions upstairs in our chapel each weekday and on first Saturdays. Downstairs in our beautiful store, we carry a large selection of Catholic books and religious articles to meet every need. We have many events and activities throughout each month.