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As we slide through this month, I thought we would take a moment to focus on care - always important whether it is self-care or care of our garments...... 
Are you tense? Need to relax more? We are hearing & reading more and more about the advantages of a hobby, in particular knitting and crochet; the repetitive motion is very soothing and so much more. Looking to try your hand? check out our calendar - lots of new classes.

Not sure what hobby is going to appeal to you? Mark your calendar and join us on April 1st (no fooling!) to celebrate National Handmade Day. Stacey is lining up several 'Makers" to hold demos throughout the day - so stop in and check it out! 
Well it happens to the best of us and I did it this past weekend. I spent the weekend doing all kinds of paperwork and figured I would do some laundry ...  and yep you got it my bag of handknit socks went into the dryer - no that is fine - it was the handknit sweater that was in the same bag that was not fine! Instead of putting it in it's own bag, I put everything in the same bag! UGH yep you know it the sweater felted!!! 

Time to revisit Care instructions!!! Tin Can Knits blog on Caring For Your Hand Knits (which I went back and re-read!) is chock full of information on how to keep your hand knits (and crochet projects) clean and fresh!

"While it’s a somewhat rare occurrence, knits need a wash and a little extra care once in a while. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into those knits, so let’s keep them looking fresh!"
Caring for your Handknits
The Answer to Fuzzballs
The Gleener is the most effective pill-remover that we've found—it just makes those fuzzballs disappear!
Three detachable, fabric-sensitive edges quickly and easily remove those pesky pills from most woven or knitted fabrics. Nice and versatile, these handy tools also have an attached lint brush that makes the perfect, final step for tidying up.
We offer the Mini Travel Gleener—for your on-the-go needs!
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How often do you toss around an idea but don't get around to it? Well, our friend Candace @ Fuzzy Goat in Georgia put together this great "Top Tips for Following a Pattern" ....  she hit the nail right on the head so we are just going to share it with you & not re-invent the wheel!
Do you ever lose your knitting or crochet Mojo? At some point I think all of us do! Fortunately, we at the shop have lots of wonderful yarns, new books and each other to keep our mojo - but what about you? Well, you know you can always stop in and browse, we have lots of great yarns and samples to inspire you. 
Other options include: 
==> Organize your knitting/ crochet don't be afraid to frog anything you don't want to knit anymore and prioritize your projects.
==> Pick a time to finish WIPs (works in progress). A number of folks did this in February, I tend to try to do this between my new projects. The operative word here being TRY - if it is a big project and I do really want to get it done, then I will work on it for a week before my new project just screams - my turn NOW! (I will get back to the WIP - I promise!)
==> Organize your needles and notions.  Knowing where everything is, and that you can grab it, at least for the moment helps. 
==> And as always, come visit us, our talented staff will be more than happy to share their projects with you, but in all fairness you need to be prepared to leave with a new project in hand. 

Have you checked out the Self-care products we carry in the shop??  Lots of fun stuff:
Starting with Nate's Natty Soap - A graduate from Algonquin, Nate makes some great natural soaps. 
We also carry Finchberry Bath Salts  (& soaps) for those who enjoy luxuriating in the tub; and finally the lovely scents of creams, lotions and soaps from Mangiacotti .
We also stock a variety of heat and aromatherapy packs to help soothe you from stress, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as a line of lavender products 
And of course we can't forget scented candles! 
Have you heard of Food Insecurity? For a variety of reasons more and more folks are worried about where the money or food is coming from for their next meal. 
Today, 1 in 6 children in America struggles with hunger. Among the nation’s poorest counties, 17% of all children miss meals and go to bed hungry on a regular basis, these kids lack access to nutrition sometime during the year.
HOW CAN WE/YOU HELP?? We have joined Laura Nelkin's 3rd Annual Knit (Crochet) -athon on SUNDAY MARCH 26th from 10AM to 10PM. We hope you will make a donation to our team, join us for as little or as long a time as you can. Read more about it on Laura's website
Click here to make a donation to Team Craftworks!
Up-Coming next week:
Sunday March 19:
Fiberside Chats Toni Lipsey 3PM; Sock Club & Gartergan KAL ongoing. 
Maer's Needle Felters will be creating an adorable Bunny. Thursday March 23, 12:30PM still has openings, but the Tues PM class is full.  
Monday 20th - Maker's Clinic - let our expert staff get you back on track with your project
Mon - Sat - a number of classes both knitting & crochet currently have openings (thanks to our new space and added instructors!). Check out the schedule and register now! 

Sunday, March 26th - join us during our Knit-athon for food 10-10 (see below) 
Looking forward: 
Do you have one of our Anniversary Tote bags? We have something special coming up for you later this month! 
Saturday, April 1st Stacey is lining up a number of folks to do demos on  National Handmade Day.  So come celebrate with us! & Bring in your Show and Tell.
Saturday April 29th - we hope you have circled that day on your calendar to join us as we celebrate the 5th Annual LYS Day (Local Yarn Store Day)
oh and don't forget our Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Tues April 4th (not for kids!)  & 
We will be closed Sunday April 9th for Easter. 
Bus trip to Rhinebeck Thanks to all who answered our poll - looks like Saturday Oct 21st was most folks choice. I have called the transportation co and booked the buses.  Once the contract is signed we will open up registrations. 
Other stuff ..... 
Remember we do offer finishing and blocking services
 to help make your handmade projects look "finished" the way you intended them to look.  

Thank you for being part of our knitting/ crochet community. 
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Have a wonderful week!
We need your help ...  with our new class space we are looking to offer some new workshops that do not involve knitting or crochet ...  macrame? Making cards/ stamping? Easy jewelry making? Anything else? Stop in and chat with us 
Are you a crafter? Do you love sharing your craft with others? We would love to talk to you about utilizing our space!
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