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Bird Watcher News    April 5th, 2023
We will be closed Easter Sunday, so make sure to visit us Saturday.
We have some fun, last minute basket items!
New, nature-themed vinyl stickers from Grasshopper's Mermaid will add some flair to your water bottles, laptops and more. Check out our specially designed 'BirdWatcher' sticker!
She will love these adorable shopping lists and little notebook journals from Wrendale Designs
Duke Cannon products are always appreciated.  Our new Big Ass Brick of Soap flavor is Sawtooth--an aromatic and woodsy scent.
Made in the USA! 
Boxed Nature Notecards, Ganz Hanging Bird Crystals and Madd Capp Puzzles all make lovely, inexpensive gifts for Easter or Mother's Day.
Hi, BirdWatchers!
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The eggs pictured in our last newsletter have hatched!
Thanks to Kimberly Bates for sending us an update on the
House Finch nest on her front door wreath. :)
Spring has sprung! It's so exciting each morning to open the windows, or go outside to see what's blooming and find which birds have newly arrived. Many of you have reported seeing your first Ruby-throated Hummingbirds of the season (ours was April 1st!) Great-crested Flycatcher, White-eyed Vireo, Louisiana Waterthrush and Black-throated Green Warbler have all visited our yard this week. If we're lucky, dozens more species will pass through in the next several weeks! They often visit our birdbaths and water feature. 
Everyone is seeing lots of American Goldfinches at feeders now. April is the peak month for them in our area, as they flock up and feast on their favorites, Sunflower and Niger seed, to fatten up for migration. We are on the southern end of their breeding range. So, although some do stay year-round, most go further north for the Summer. Males are molting into their bright breeding plumage now. Numbers will build until early May, then drop off.
Heads up! Cole's Wild Bird Products is temporarily unable to source pecans for Special Feeder and Nutberry Suet Blend. Our remaining inventory is limited, especially in the 10 and 20lb bags. Regular stocking levels may not return until sometime in May. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your patience until we are fully restocked.
In the meantime, we suggest trying one of our other terrific blends like Blue Ribbon and Finch Friends, or make your own mix with Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Meats, Raw Peanuts, Safflower and Suet Kibbles or Dried Mealworms. Your birds will still love it!
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