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Have you ever admired hand-dyed yarns but never sure what to do it them - and then you look and notice that most of them are fingering weight (whatever that means - other than it seems thin .. oh so thin!).

Yes, most of it is fingering weight yarn because there are so many patterns, shawls and scarves that can be made in this weight with just one skein. We can carry more of the dyers colorways in single or two skeins for you to choose from ... remember we will be happy to order whatever quantities you need in the other weights for your project. 

We hope you will read on and see what Marie Greene has to say about buying hand-dyed yarns, 
You don't want to miss! 
Laura Nelkin's Knit for Food Knit-a-thon, is coming! The goal of this 12 hour knitting marathon is to raise funds and awareness for food insecurity. The funds raised will be equally divided between Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, No Kid Hungry, and Meals on Wheels.

Have you signed up & donated yet? We hope you will. We are hosting a team to collect money for this effort. Additionally, as we did last year, feel free to make a donation either financial or by dropping off food that will be donated to Northboro Food Pantry.

We will be gathering around our table from 12-4 to knit/crochet together join us won't you?
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FIBERSIDE CHAT: Sunday March 17th 
SUMMER LEE author of 'The Sock Project'
Join designer Summer Lee as she talks all about her new book, The Sock Project. Summer will be showing us patterns from the book, and sharing her process for writing and developing the book concept. She’ll also be talking (very enthusiastically!) about why sock knitting is magic. 

From gaining new skills that you can apply to larger projects, to building confidence in color palette selection, sock knitting truly is a wonderful foundation from which you can build and expand your knitting prowess! Summer will share tips & tricks, and do a little demo focusing on colorwork – one thing that trips many of us up with socks! 

Register now! Have a conflict in your schedule? Don't worry we've got you covered. Many of our guests are allowing Zoom recordings of their Chat. Recordings will be available for 1 week after the chat, only to registered attendees. 
More books are coming be sure to reserve a copy for yourself now! 

We are part of the team of 30+ shops that sponsor these chats - please be sure to scroll down to our shop name when registering! 
Highland Christmas Afghan & Great American Aran Afghan KALs
Highland Christmas Afghan:  This wonderfully festive blanket is made up of a combination of patterned and textured 4 inch squares inspired by the Scottish Highlands, featuring details including snowflakes, stags, icicles and Highland Plaid.

Join Ann on Tuesday, March 26th @ 6PM 

Great American Aran Afghan: Knitters were challenged to design a square using one color and some type of Aran patterning. The designs feature a wide variety of techniques, from basic cables to more innovative (and challenging) stitch configurations.

Join Dianne on Wed April 17th @ 6PM as you work through making this heirloom! 
Register now for Highland KAL
Register now for the Aran KAL
Don't forget to check out our FEATURED items this month which include
Flexi-flip needles and Purple Heart Crochet hooks.
addi FlexiFlips allow you to cast-on to an effortless new method of knitting socks, cuffs, hats, and many of other projects which are worked in the round. These specially designed 3.5" tips with 1" cord (21cm) circulars rest comfortably in the hand and act as flexible double pointed needles.
The Purple Heart Crochet Hook is designed to let you crochet for hours in comfort. Made from one piece of solid wood it is very light but strong, while the depth of the recess for your fingers is designed to let you control the hook without having to contract the muscle in your thumb. The hook easily catches yarn and inserts into stitches without causing splitting. The shaft is the same diameter from the throat to the handle so your loops will not widen if you push deeper into the knot. The wood also warms to the heat of your hand and feels very comfortable.
Stop in and try both of these out! (oh and grab a 15% discount while you are at it! Let us know you are a Loyalty customer ... say something like: I got the email, or I am known as a VIP around here)
Happy fibering
ande & Team Craftworks
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13% all items from our talented Women artists:
Bazaar Krafty Gals, Betsy D & Round Mountain Fibers
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5 Reasons to Love Hand-dyed Yarn
an exerpt from Marie Greene.....
If you’re headed to a fiber festival or just excited to shop for your next skein, today I’m sharing 5 reasons to choose hand dyed yarn for your next project.
Knitting (& crocehting) are so much more than just a hobby, aren't they? It’s an art form —a way to express creativity, unwind from the stress of daily life, and produce something beautiful and functional. Working with quality materials can make such a difference (both to the experience and the finished product), and hand-dyed yarn offers a unique palette that can transform any project from ordinary to extraordinary.
Here are five reasons to bring more hand-dyed yarn into your life.
1. Uniqueness and Originality
If you’ve ever watched a yarn dyer at work, you know that each skein of hand-dyed yarn is a masterpiece in its own right. The artisanal process of hand-dyeing ensures that no two skeins are exactly alike, even within the same dye lot. This uniqueness allows knitters to work with a material that is as individual as their project. Whether you’re knitting a scarf, sweater, or shawl, hand-dyed yarn adds a level of originality that simply can’t be replicated with mass-produced yarns. It’s like having a custom paint job on your knitted piece—no one else will have one quite like it.
2. Depth of Color
Have you ever looked closely at a skein of hand dyed yarn? The depth and nuance of color is unlike anything a machine can produce. Using a range of various techniques, dyers can create rich, layered hues with subtle variations and tonal shifts that add incredible dimension to your work. And every dyer’s work is unique! Their creative, complex colorways can enhance the texture of your stitches, giving a simple pattern depth and vibrancy. Whether it’s the gentle fade of a sunset or the intense depth of a stormy sea, hand-dyed yarn captures the nuances of color like nothing else.
3. Supporting Small Businesses and Artisans
By choosing hand-dyed yarn, you’re supporting small businesses and independent artisans who pour their passion and creativity into every dye pot. (And if you’ve ever watched a yarn dyer at work, you know the process is complex; every skein is a true labor of love.) Our support helps sustain a community of craftspeople who value quality and craftsmanship over mass production. When we choose to knit with hand dyed yarn, we’re creating a closer connection between the maker and the material – and as knitters, we get to become part of the story. This connection between makers adds another layer of meaning to everything we knit.
4. Inspiration for Creativity
If you’re looking for inspiration, a skein of hand-dyed of yarn is a great place to start; the varied blends and vibrant hues can serve as a springboard for your next idea. Grab a skein of hand dyed yarn off your shelf, open it up, and you’ll see what I mean. A single skein can inspire an entire project by influencing your choice of texture and providing a direction for color pairing. I find that working with hand-dyed yarn sparks our imagination in new ways, encouraging us to try different patterns, stitches, or techniques that we might not have considered otherwise. Hand-dyed yarn challenges you to think outside the box and let your creativity lead the way.
5. Quality and Care
Hand-dyed yarns are typically produced in small batches, allowing dyers to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail throughout the process. And the dyers I know are mindful about using premium yarn from trusted sources; many opt for eco-friendly dyes and processes. The personal time and attention that goes into every skein ensures that the yarn is not only beautiful, but also durable and lovely to work with.
Ready to Cast On?
Incorporating hand-dyed yarn into your knitting projects offers a range of benefits—from enhancing the uniqueness and beauty of your work to supporting passionate artisans within the crafting community, so stop by soon and grab a skein and a discount! 
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