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Just like you, we love  hearing the song of a Whippoorwill. Or seeing a bright red Cardinal in the winter snow. That's why we only carry the best for your Backyard Birds!
To maximize the number of species that visit your feeders, you'll want to offer a variety of food. And offer it at different heights above the ground.
Most birds that stay in cold regions in winter eat seeds. They have to. Insects are hard to find in freezing weather. And many native plants & grasses loose their seeds, or are cut back for the winter.
Keeping your seed stored in an air tight container helps to keep mice & insects out. And keeps it fresh & free of moisture. We have some great containers that also make it easy to pour your seed out of!
We now also carry Wild Delight Birdseed! We love the quality & the variety of mixes they offer. And we think your birds will love it too!
Birds love suet. It's the solid fat rendered from beef or venison & comes in a variety of flavors. It often has different seeds, nuts or dried fruit mixed into it for added flavor & energy. It provides concentrated energy to help birds make it through freezing winter days & nights.
Always hang suet,
so it won't attract mammals.
(neighborhood cats or raccoons!)
We have suet feeders of every kind. This Upside Down Feeder makes birds feed from the bottom. And prevents larger birds like jays & starlings from getting to your suet!
Stock up for winter feeding with our Heath brand Suet cakes. They are 12 for only $9.96! And you can mix & match flavors! 
Sometimes the birds suffer more for lack of water than food. And they need it all year around, including in the winter. Even if you live near a natural source of water like a stream or pond, keeping fresh water available will increase the number of birds you see. It's vital to the health of birds to have access to fresh unfrozen water in winter, as well as in summer.
Keeping your birdbath clean is vital to the health of the birds that use it. Giving it a scrub with a brush & adding Birdbath Protector will prevent stains, sludge, mineral deposits & organic contamination. It's also safe, non toxic & biodegradable! 
We can't say it enough. Birds need water in the winter, too! Keep your bird bath free of ice with one of our many
Bird Bath De-Icer's!
It's a Birdseed Blowout! While supplies last all
Feathered Friend brand Birdseed is 20% off!
We still have space available for our Traeger Holiday Cooking Class! Dec. 4th starting at 5:30pm.
For more information & to buy your tickets, click the link!
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