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We’ve cooked up something just for you
We have frighteningly-good events coming up this week. Plan to spend some time outside and experience the magic of nature.

 Right Whale Festival 
The Right Whale Festival celebrates the annual return of endangered North Atlantic right whales to the warm coastal water off northeast Florida and Georgia, where they give birth to and nurse their young. With just over 400 remaining, this family-fun event raises awareness of the threats to right whales and how we can help in their recovery.

The festival is Nov. 2 & 3 at Main Beach. There will be  
live music (the Honey Badgers will be there Saturday), exhibits promoting marine conservation, kid's activities, art and unique gifts, a beach clean-up, food trucks, and much more.

A common question we receive is "Can we paddle out to watch the whales off the coast?" Think about that for a minute... would you like to be in a small plastic kayak near a 55 ton female giving birth! Besides they are protected and being within 500 yards of a right whale is against federal law, with fines up to $100,000!
North Atlantic Right Whale Facts
  • short stubby fins
  • V-shaped blow
  • no dorsal fin
  • baleen whales about 45-50 long
  • large white bumps on head- callosities
  • about 1/3 of deaths are from boat collisions
  • less than 400 remain
​They live most of the year off the New England / Canada coast. Females travel to the Amelia Island / NE Florida coast to give birth each year in fall and winter.

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