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A Note from Cheri
Dear Tuscan Family,

I hope all of your holidays were good ones! I hope you took time to enjoy being with family and friends even if it might have been exhausting at times. After the decorations are down and the start of the New Year begins, most of us begin to reflect on all of the things we would like to accomplish and maybe even change this year. I love the New Year! I’m always thinking of ways to get better. Type A all the way! 
After Christmas, I packed up my twin boys and headed to my sisters for New Years. She lives in North Carolina by the beach. It was a great time of reflection and fun. My sister is very active and into everything organic. I joked that I would never have to spend money on a cleanse, I would just go to her house. It was great, we drank protein shakes, jogged the dunes and state forest, we hung out in our comfy clothes with no makeup on, and we even jumped into the frigid ocean on New Year’s day. That was scary! I remember looking down off the dock and the water was dark. I said to my sister “What if I jump off and a shark gets me?” She replied laughing “Well it’s not going to be a good year!” We all jumped and it was exhilarating! Doing something different and out of the ordinary is good for us.

Going into the year with hopes to change things up requires a little bravery at times. You know the old saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results". Change is hard. Whether it is your job, personal life, or body…we all have had the feeling of looking over the dock and wanting to jump but being afraid. My baby sister gave me a card once that said, "To my sister who lives her life at the deep end of the ocean." I can tell you that I probably do. It has served me well at times and at other times I have been bitten by “sharks”. Those bites will make you stronger if you live through them. My wish for you in this New Year is that you find the courage to jump for the life you want! It’s so much better than looking from the dock with regret.

When it comes to the beauty and wellness portion of life, Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon has great things lined up for you to achieve your goals. These are my top picks in order of things that can help you feel and look more beautiful.
1. Bioidentical Hormone Pelleting -  This procedure is my top pick for anyone that is entering middle age and wants to feel more energetic, less achy, have the ole pep in your step you once had, and have a better libido. It also leads to weight loss and better muscle tone.

2. Contour Center -  Our contour weight loss center can help you with that weight you have always wanted to lose. We offer prescription weight loss, HCG diet, and lipotropic injections.
3. CoolSculpting - This procedure has an 85% satisfaction rate! The fat does not come back. The fat cells are gone. There is no down time and it is very easy. We have CoolSculpting now at both salons and are doing DualSculpting at Clarksburg. If time is a factor, Dual CoolSculpting will do the procedure in half the time. We are also now able to treat the neck and chin with CoolSculpting at our Clarksburg spa!
4. Our new CO2 and Piccosure Lasers - You can take years off of your face with these lasers. The resurfacing and skin tightening are amazing.

5. Venus Freeze - This procedure tightens skin on thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and face. It reduces cellulite and dimples.

6. Aveda Hair Color - If you want hair that looks young and healthy, then try our hair color. It will give you the shine and beautiful color that will get you compliments over and over again.
7. Botox and Fillers - This should probably be higher on the list. These medical cosmetics will take the lines from your face and fill the volume that we lose that causes sagging. You will leave the spa the same day seeing a new you!
8. Hydrafacial - Try the facial of the stars on the red carpet. Your skin will glisten.

9. Our Chakra Massage - This massage has raving fans. A true experience for the senses.

10. Gel Lacquer Manicure - This manicure stays strong without chipping or losing its shine. Add a little nail art to personalize it and it will keep you feeling great for weeks.

11. Our Evolv Warm Airbrush Tan - This new heated airbrush system will give you a glow so natural that no one will know your secret. It’s also perfect with no mistakes.
Again, I wish you the best year ever and thank you for letting Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon serve your beauty needs. Come in for a free Discovery Journey to explore all of your options and all of our payment plans to make things easy for you!

See you at the spa.

Upcoming Events
Join us for our CoolSculpting event, a Frozen Affair, Tuesday, January 26th
Happy Hour at 5:30 pm,
followed by a brief informational presentation,
live demonstration and
complimentary private consultations.
This event will be held at both our ClarksburgFairmont locations and will also include consultations and special pricing for Dysport & Restylane.
Valentine's Day

Believe it or not, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Appointments are filling up, so reserve one for your sweetheart right away!  Purchase a beautifully packaged gift card in stores - starting February 1st, get a free box of chocolates with a $100 gift card purchase! If you're looking for convenience, instantly print a Valentine's Day Gift Card online!
Sarah's Slumber Party
February 26 - Lakeview Resort

Tuscan Sun Spa & Salon will be at Sarah's Slumber Party the night of February 26, beginning at 7! Come by our table early to sign up for mini facials, Halo Hair Extension matching and demonstrations, paraffin hand dips and nail art!
New at the Spa!
Tuscan now has DualSculpting and CoolSculpting for the neck and chin!

Dual CoolSculpting allows us to do the procedure in half the time and will be available in Clarksburg until our Morgantown location opens!
The #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment can now treat under the chin and we have it at Tuscan Sun Spa in Clarksburg! If you have a double chin that won't go away, come in for a free consultation to see if CoolSculpting is right for you! Results in 1-2 visits!
Pay Your Weigh
The Med Spa at Tuscan wants to help you keep your New Year's weight loss resolutions with our Pay Your Weigh promotion! We'll pay you $1 for every pound you lose while participating in one of our weight loss programs. Payment will be in the form of a Tuscan Gift card - some restrictions apply so call or ask an associate for details!
New Year, New You Salon Promotion
New Year, New You
Salon Promotion

Monday - Thursday, through the end of January, receive a free cut with any hair color or get a free conditioning treatment with a haircut!  Must mention this offer when reserving your appointment to redeem!
Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Spring Launch

Introducing Camocat, Camofloral and Blush Pink color collections plus new arrivals in Spring travel, in stores as of January 14th!

Through January 18th or while supplies last, get a Lighten Up Ditty Bag and 25 oz. Water Bottle with a full-price Vera Bradley purchase of $100 or more.
The Laser Center at Tuscan
Winter is the best time to get laser treatments, since outdoor time is limited and you have less exposure to the sun! Watch our video below to learn more about the many types of laser services available at the largest laser center in West Virginia, at Tuscan Sun Spa!
Medical Cosmetics
Our newest team member, Registered Nurse Traci Bailey, specializes in
  • Botox & Dysport (over 5 years of experience)
  • ??Restylane & Juvederm (over 10 years of experience
  • Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and cosmetic laser treatments
She is in Clarksburg on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fairmont on Thursdays. She will also be at our Frozen Affair event in Clarksburg on Tuesday, January 26. Come see what Botox, Dysport & Juvederm can do for you and see live demonstrations!
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