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October 2016
Issue 64
Good Afternoon Great-Gardeners,

They say everything is bigger in Texas and they were not kidding even their road construction is bigger. My husband and I just got back from Houston, Texas after attending the Garden Center Group meeting. The Garden Center Group is a group of 100 plus garden centers (owners / managers) that get together to trade ideas, visit other garden centers and learn new ways to improve their business. The group meets every year in different locations. This year was Houston, Texas.

Since I hate flying we drove going through Mississippi and Louisiana on the way down and Arkansas on the way back. I have not been to any of them three states before so it was interesting driving through them. Of the three I can say Louisiana had the best scenery. We were on a bridge for over 13 miles going over the Louisiana Bayou. Mississippi I fell asleep through most of. It was a straight highway all the way through it and the scenery never changed.

I can say I learned a few things about Houston's. They love their Tex Mex, Chick-fil-a and Donuts. Every corner I think had one of the three. They plant petunias in the fall and they consider 80 degree weather cool and not hot. Unlike us who are getting ready for the big freeze they are just now getting back out into their gardens after the hot summer days.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, hit reply. I would love to hear from you. As always, have a great-gardening day.

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park
View from our room on the 18th floor
Reminder: Continue watering this years plantings up until the ground freezes, unless we receive an inch of rain per week.
Tree Planting Sale!
Trees purchased from Wilson's can be delivered and planted for only
$49 each
In County

$59 each
Surrounding Counties
Sale Ends
October 31st
Did You Know?
While the September equinox usually occurs on September 22 or 23, it can very rarely fall on September 21 or September 24.

A September 21 equinox has not occurred since 1000 CE, but will happen twice in the 21st century – in 2092 and 2096. The last September 24 equinox occurred in 1931. It will next take place in 2303.
Up Coming Events!
Saturday, October 22nd
9 am - 11 am

The Ripe Truck
is coming to our garden center

Come get your freshly hand-picked Winesap apples - right off the truck!

$49 a Kalan
( The Kalan contains approximately a 1/2 bushel which will likely be between 40-50 apples (for Winesap apples), 23-25 lbs, depending on the variety and the crop at the time of peak picking perfection )
October 22nd
Please register in advance.
Winterizing Your Landscape:
Time: 10 am
Cost: Free

Have questions if you should prune that rose or perennial before it gets cold? Join us in this informal session to learn what to cut and cover so your garden can rest for the winter season.
Foliage Combo Planter
Time: 1:00 pm
Cost: $39.99

Create a foliage combination planter to take home. House plants not only brighten up your home, but they make excellent air purifiers

Bird Talk
Time: 2:30 pm
Cost: Free

Join our guest speaker from Dawes Arboretum to learn about  your amazing back yard birds.

Hanging Terrarium
Time: 4:30 pm
Cost: $16.99

Create a self-supporting, small-scale ecosystem in this fun, informal class. These hanging terrariums are easy to assemble and require little attention or maintenance. All you need to do is sit back and watch it grow!
See our website for more great events
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We are a family owned and operated garden center specializing in plants that thrive in Central Ohio

For more information about our store please
Visit Our Website
We want to say Goodbye to Pam who is leaving us to start a new adventure with her family in Wyoming.

Pam has been part of the Wilson family since 1982, dedicating 34 years of her life to helping make Wilson's what it is today.

Pam started out on the transplant line and from there worked her way up to being our production manager. She has spent many, many, many hours (and I do say hours) pricing pots, watering, planting and delegating tasks among many other things. 

She not only is an employee, but considered part of the family as well. We will all miss her here at Wilson's and wish her the best of luck in all that she does.
Stock Up On Ecobricks
Colder weather is moving into the state. Time to stock up on Ecobricks.

Ecobricks are compacted sawdust that burn hotter and longer than cord wood.  They can be used in wood burners, fire places or even in campfires.

Mix with cord wood or burn just the ecobricks.
1 pkg. - $3.19
3 pkgs. for $9
10 pkgs. for $27
96 pkgs. for $229 (1 skid / 1 ton)
Each package contains 6 bricks.
Garden Terms
Deciduous plants are trees & shrubs that loose their leaves in the fall. In spring they regrow them.
There are some needled trees that also shed their needles in the fall.
Examples: Larch & Redwood
Have leaves or needles that remain green year round.

Evergreens do shed some of their leaves or needles periodically throughout the year making way for new foliage. However they will not drop all of them at once like deciduous trees and shrubs.
Fall Pond Chores
  • Stop fertilizing aquatic plants.
  • Remove yellow and or dying foliage. Once water temperatures reach 50 degrees place hardy pond plants in deeper part of pond. Make sure to remove the rest of the dead foliage before doing so.
  • Switch fish food to one that is formulated for cooler water temperatures.
  • Cover pond with protective black mesh netting to keep leaves out.
  • Scoop or vacuum accumulated debris from the bottom of pond.
  • Remove pumps and electrical equipment.
  • Do not empty out water from pond.
  • Install a pond heater or bubbler to keep an area of water from freezing so oxygen can continue to be available to fish and let toxic gases escape.
  • Remove any tropical plants as they die off.
Plant Now For Spring Blooms
Autumn is here, and temperatures are starting to cool down which means it is time to start planting spring flowering bulbs. Flower bulbs are so easy to plant and are the first thing to bloom in the spring; they bloom even before the trees.

Planting flower bulbs is a great fall activity and it is so easy that children can also join in the fun. 

Make sure the temperatures in your area are consecutively 65˚F or below during the day. However, purchase your bulbs early for best selection.

A good tip to know how deep to plant your bulbs is multiply the height of the bulb by three. Plant bulbs pointy side up in an area with good drainage. Cover with soil then give them a good dose of water for a head start. It is as easy as Dig, Drop, Done. Let mother nature take over and you will have a gorgeous garden this spring.

Check out Netherlands video on Dig, Drop, Done:
Coral Bells
Coral bells are one of the top ten shade plants to have in your garden. These charmers love morning sun/afternoon shade, their foliage is striking and their blooms attract hummingbirds. The best part is they are Deer Resistant!

These amazing perennials are great for any size garden.
'Forever Purple'
12 - 15 Inches Tall
16-22 Inches Wide
Flower: Light Pink / Mauve/ Lilac
Ruffled, glossy purple leaves with distinctive veining. The rich color & texture is eye-catching in any setting.
'Electric Lime'
12-16 Inches Tall
24-28 Inches Wide
Flower: White
Sporting red veins in cool temperatures on huge leaves, the lime-tinted foliage forms a large mound and has a bonus of attractive stems of densely packed, white flowers.
'Cajun Fire'
10-18 Inches Tall
15-20 Inches Wide
Flower: White
Changes colors with the season: red in spring, black in summer, maroon in fall!
10-12 Inches Tall
12-14 Inches Wide
Flower: Peach
Leaves that change from peach to gold to champagne-gold over the season.
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