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August 2014 
Issue Seventeen
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Stayed tuned for the next issue. Geri will be showing us how to make one of these beautiful moss baskets.
Tree & Shrub Sale
$20 Off
when you purchase
$100 or more
in Trees & Shrubs
(Does Not Include: Perennials, Fruits, Roses, Water Gardening, or Parking Lot Clearance)
Parking Lot Sale!
Parking Lot Sale is going on now through August 17th!

Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Perennials, Annuals, Foliage and
More marked up to 75% Off

Please Note: There are no guarantees, or returns on parking lot sale items. All items are priced as marked and sold as is.
Peach Truck
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The Peach Truck will be here on
August 9th
9 am - 10:30 am
Ladies Nite Out!
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Ladies' Nite Out Tickets
go on sale
August 8th
Cost: $20
or Buy 10 get 1 Free!

Proceeds benefit Hospice of Central Ohio!

Ladies, this was a sold out event last year so get your tickets early.
Wilson's Garden Center
10923 Lambs Ln.
Newark, Ohio. 43055

740-763-2874 (Fax)

July Hours
Monday - Saturday:
9 am - 6 pm
11 am - 6 pm
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We are a family owned and operated garden center specializing in plants that thrive in Central Ohio

For more information about our store please
Visit Our Website
Good Afternoon Great-Gardeners,

How many of you got to visit the Ohio State Fair? If you did, did you see the agricultural building with all the neat planters made from different recycled items? I especially liked the guitar planter myself. It is awesome what people can turn into planters now days.

We have had a few questions from the last email. Mainly concerns about Moles and Voles. So in this issue, I will talk about the differences between them and how to take preventive measures to keep them from invading your garden.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, hit reply. I would love to hear from you. Have a great-gardening day.

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Hurricane Candle Planter
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We saw this on pinterest so we decided to make one of our own. Check out how we did it by clicking on the picture above.
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Difference Between A Mole & A Vole
There are many differences when it comes to moles and voles, but both can be quite destructive when it comes to your lawn and garden.

1) Moles are carnivorous and feed on worms, grubs and adult insects. Moles never eat plants, whereas voles are primarily vegetarian feeding on grasses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, bulbs, and roots.

2) Moles are gray to dark brown, about 6-7 inches long and have webbed front feet.  Voles are rodents they look like mice, only with shorter tails.

3) Moles cause ridges by tunneling just below the surface of the ground. The cone-shaped molehill is formed by the dirt a mole excavates as he digs his deeper tunnels around his den and living chambers. Voles prefer to live in low-lying or creeping vegetation, and make trails through the grass or snow. They create runways about one to two inches wide on the surface of the ground. Unlike molehills they do not create huge mounds of soil.

4) Moles can be beneficial to have in your yard. They eat grubs which are the young of Japanese beetles. They aerate the soil, and the grasses and excrement they leave underground fertilizes the soil.

There are many ways to get rid of voles and moles.
* Traps
* Poison
* Repellents - Holy Moley or Repels All

Some work better than others, but the best way to keep moles and voles from invading your yard, is to have preventive measures in place.
  • Keep your garden weeded and your lawn mowed.
  • Remove old logs, brush, leaves, and rocks to eliminate the insects that moles feed on. Voles love abundant amounts of vegetation and debris and will use it to make their nests. 
  • Erect a barrier between your garden and the moles and voles by digging a trench and placing hardware cloth into it. This keeps them from digging through into your flower bed.
  • Protect young trees from voles by wrapping the lower trunk with wire mesh. Keeping voles from gnawing on them.
  •  Avoid applying mulch too close to trees and shrubs. In winter keep snow cleared away from shrubs and young trees.
  • Get an outdoor cat.
  • Avoid over watering your lawn. Moles linger longer where soils are damp.
  • Treat for grubs using Milky Spore
You may find on occasion that Mother Nature does all the work for you. Changes in weather, food supply, or ground moisture can actually cause them to leave on their own.
High Heal Planter
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Have shoes that you don't know what to do with? Create a one of a kind shoe planter. Click on the picture above to see how.
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