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Sun: we are closed
For Four evenings on Thursday, we are open until 7 pm
October 22 and 29, and November 5 and 12, 2015

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Absolutely Everything

Newsletter for Friday, October 10
Tomorrow, Saturday, October 11, is the final day for our Distress Special. Read about it below.
*****Purchase any two "Distress" items, get an additional three items for free
  We are talking about inks, stains, paints, glitter, embossing powders, pens, and ink refills.
If you buy one of the new Distress Stain Sprays, you will get two of the Distress Stain bottles free (All color choices are yours to make.) ...consider them to be refills for the spray!!

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Please check out my Facebook videos here. You don't need to belong...just go and browse. Sometimes I am putting up still shots and lots of the times I am putting up videos. The videos are showing the newest items in the store, sometimes a few very cool projects, and also some of them are showing some techniques. I will try to get more of those in... And don't worry if the video appears on your computer upside down...my bad!!
We will be open on Monday, October 13, Columbus Day, with a fantastic special...Sizzix Big Shot Machines--one day only---$69.99...(normally $119.99.)  ...while supplies last!!
The very latest from Elizabeth Craft designs has arrived...Honey the Bear, and Dutch the Fox...Just stick a santa hat on these guys and they are ready for your holiday woodland scenes!!  The Tags are pretty cool. The die just cuts the top, so you can make it as long as you like...even into a flip up card...and the new embossing folders are great...
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How timely are the above arrivals??  We are starting a full week of Elizabeth Craft Designs demos, with special store "deals."  It just doesn't end, does it??
I will be doing three demos this week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, (October13-15-17) from 11-2 each day. I will be changing it up a bit each day, with the focus on the Shimmer Sheetz  (so many things to do with them!!) for Monday. Wednesday I will feature glitter in all its forms, and on Friday, I will show the die cuts, in a myriad of ways (Note: I will not be sleeping before then.)  And, of course, we will have videos!!
Store specials are:  Glitter jars-Buy one-Get one same size Free!

Peel-Off Stickers: Purchase one new sticker set, and get two older ones free.
Need to know how any of this works??...this is the week to find out!

We are ending the week on Saturday, with a special Elizabeth Craft Designs card class. See the link in the class section.
Check out our "Clock Contest  here.
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Check out the great "Tim Holtz-themed" prize basket, as well as the "Prima" prize basket...all part of our secret envelope promo, going on now!! Read about it below.
Starting This Monday!!
"May I Have the Envelope, Please!!"

We are beginning a very special promotion for October. Starting on Monday, October 6, whenever you spend $50 or more,  you are automatically entered!! 

Here's how it works: when you spend $50, you may choose a "Sealed Envelope."  The deal is that this envelope must remain sealed!!  The redemption date is Saturday, November 22, upon which day you make your purchase, and when checking out, you may finally open your envelope.

SO, NOTA BENE  (Latin for note well)  Don't even think about coming into the store waving an opened envelope and coupon for whatever it says...all opened envelopes are void.  No exceptions. Use your head!!

There will be assorted prizes, and %-off, ranging from 15% off up to 50% off of your whole purchase...and additionally, there will be ten grand prizes, randomly assigned to ten different envelopes!!

The grand prizes include:
a coupon for 100% off of your entire purchase (there will be two of these!)
a $250 GC to AE,
a $100 GC to AE,
a Big Shot machine from Sizzix,
a Prima Basket filled with Prima goodness,
a Tim Holtz basket filled with his own special charming stuff,
and to round it all out,
three unique gift baskets filled with assortments from our favorite vendors.

Read the following "Fine Print" for rules and guidelines.
**Classes not included in this promo.
**Initial qualifying  purchase includes regular-priced merchandise only.
**On November 22, redemption day, your  purchase may include sale items.
**the "6-box card" will not be used on November 22.
**One envelope may be redeemed per person.
**If you happen to acquire more than one envelope, you must keep all of them closed, and on November 22, at check out,  choose the unopened envelope you wish to use, and hand it to the
staff member at the register. Once the envelope has been opened, there are no add-ons to your order. Removal of items will void the deal.  Items purchased under this "deal" are non-returnable.
**Any extra envelopes you have may be given to friends to use for themsleves.

In October, beginning the week of the 13th, (and we are OPEN for Columbus Day!!) We are featuring the Elizabeth Craft Designs glitter, stickers, Shimmer Sheetz, dies and embossing folders...so, lots going on that week...and, yes, there will be videos, and special deals!!

Special Event   On Monday,  October 20, beginning at noon, we will be doing a "Kitchen-Sink-Sale-Revisited."  Last year, I did some cleaning and put a ton of stuff up for sale from my stash, which I have amassed from various places and trips, ebay being not a small part of it... So, now, no more room at home, and assorted treasures will be coming to the store, for sale. These will be items never before seen here and some that may seem familiar...but all will be great deals. Mark your calendars!!
Joanne Sharpe
Artful Lettering Book Tour class

***Friday, November 7-All day class with Joanne Sharpe

On Friday, November 7, Joanne is returning to hone our lettering skills. This is called the "Artful Lettering Book Tour" class. In this class you will create a journal just like the one shown in her book, and Joanne will cover about a dozen of her favorite techniques for the book.

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This journal will serve as a great source of inspiration for you, and you can practice and add to the book...and even make new ones as it fills. If you already have a copy of her book, The Art of Whimsical Lettering, you will need to bring it to class, along with a composition book, a few glue sticks, and your "pen stash." (We currently have the book on hand for purchase, if you do not have one. If you are taking the class, you may receive 10% off of the book price.)  Also, some smaller pieces of decorative paper, or scrapbook patterned paper will be a good addition to the book. I am still wating to hear from Joanne about what to bring, but I already know that she will be using Tombow markers, stabilo pencils, Peerless Watercolors, ...these are just a few of the items...a complete list is coming.
Class space is limited, and the class cost is $65, non-refundable.
Class will run on Friday, Nov. 7, from 10am-4pm, with a lunch break.
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These are sample covers  for the Whimsical Women Art Journal, as done by Sue Pelletier, so this is the saturday class, making the front and back covers.
Whimsical Women Mini Art Retreat
Saturday & Sunday, November 8 & 9, 2014
Spend the weekend with Joanne Sharpe and Sue Pelletier, creating the best mixed media journal you ever saw. On Saturday, there are two sessions with Sue in the lead (Joanne will be helping!), creating the canvas board covers, so that they can dry overnight. Then, on Sunday Joanne takes the lead (and Sue is on the assist team) with the journal pages and drawing techniques for the innards of the book.
Here is the partial supply list, for you to bring with you to class, for the Sue section of the class:  We will have all the elements available here for purchase. Pre-orders accepted.
2  9x12 flat canvas panels
1  9x12 stretched canvas
acrylic paints (include skin color)
matte gel medium
assorted brushes
water cup
Black & white Scribbles fabric paint (these are $1.69 available here.)
Joanne's list will follow.

  The finished product will be an artful book that can stand up in the open position and be an inspiration to you and all who know you.

This is a full weekend event, and the cost is $200 for all four sessions, and whatever materials the teacher provides.I have started the  list of what you need to bring, and it will continue to be posted in an upcoming newsletter. Again, spaces are limited. We are delighted to have these two very talented teachers teaming up and presenting this weekend here, for the first time anywhere.
Silhouette Ongoing Learning...
We now have a Silhouette group that meets here once a month and they have their own blog.  All the info about meetings, what to bring, when to come, can be found there. If you would like to join our group, there is no fee, and you can bring your Silhouette machine and laptop, as we have wifi in the store. Find the Silhouette Blog here. 
a few notes...
All classes will need a minimum of three people in order to run, and we will give you a 72 hour notice if we need to cancel, in which case, you may take your refund as store credit or cash/cc refund (usually in the same form that you paid in.)

If you need to cancel a class on your part, here's the deal...
If it is a class taught by us, people here at the store, you need to cancel before 72 hours time, in which case you will receive a refund. Cancelations after this time period will receive the class supplies, and whatever is part of the class handouts. No refunds for cancelations after 72 hours before the class starts.

For visiting teachers, from far or near, there is a no refund policy for all classes. You may give it to a friend to use, if you wish.

All class info, including photos of the projects, will be in the calendar of our website, which you can find here.
Below is a brief listing of class dates and times.

Saturday, October 4, Distress Demo, with Kate, 11am -2pm. Free.
Distress demos also on Tuesday (11-2pm) and Wednesday (10am-noon.)

Two Great Christmas Card Classes
Take both classes for $50
House Mouse Christmas Cards
Saturday, October 11, 10 am-1 pm. $28

Inky Antics Holiday Cards, Same day, 1:30-4:30

Elizabeth Craft Designs Free Demos,
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, this week, 11 am - 2 pm
Great Lawn Fawn Holiday Cards, with Terri
Saturday, October 18, 10-1pm, Make  four cards, $20
samples can be seen here.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Card Class, with Kate, also on Saturday, October 18, $25.
samples here.

October 22, Wednesday, Free Class
Dina Wakley Bird Card. reservation required. PIck 11 am or 1 pm. Sample shown here.

Card Club for October, Friday, October 24, and Tuesday, October 28

Marcia's BoBunny Christmas Album in a Box
Sat., Oct 25, 10am-1pm, $37.
Sample here.

Tim-Holtz-design Card Class, with Kate
Saturday, November 1, 10am-1pm, $28
see samples  here

Holiday Burlap panel, with Kate (designed by Tim Holtz)
Saturday, November 15, 10-1pm, $35
See the sample here

Open Studio Sessions for this Special Class.
One of the Coolest Configurations I have ever seen!!
We will run two "open studio" sessions for you to come in and make this project under the guidance of trained professionals!
Tuesday, Nov. 18, 11-4pm, or Sunday, November 23, noon-4 pm
This gorgeous configuration box was c
reated by our very own manager, Kate B., Come to either session, purchase the kit, and we will be available, Kate & Kate--what a team!!--to help you with the parts you might not intuit...work at your own speed, and then finish the rest at home.
Kit fee of $75 includes all the material you need, plus paint, glitter, pop-up, as well as all the pieces die-cut for you.

Please Note: This kit will require some special attention to prepare it. We need to know how many to make by the end of October.

We  will do mail order, with shipping cost included, because you will need to provide your own paints, glossy Accents, and foam tape.
If you are attending the studio workshop, please bring the following: heat tool, brushes and water cup, basic class kit, foam tape or pop-dots. The photos you can use are all 2 1/4 high, and two of them are 2" wide, the other is 3" wide (or you can add these at home.)

Anyone interested in a "bare bones" kit, may purchase a kit that includes the configuration tray, the paper and the directions, with photos. Cost is $45, with $12 shipping cost added.

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Here are a few more samples made by my manager, Kate B. She is incredibly talented and has a great eye for design. We have instructions for anyone who purchases the dies used here.The dies used in Kate's projects are all 10% off, even if we have to place an order for it.  Bring in your camera and take photos.
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The is a stand-up frame, using the easel die from Tim Holtz, along with assorted other dies.
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Save the Dates...

--Richele Christiansen is returning for a few cool Vintage/distress classes.  The date has moved to the first weekend in December and we will have assorted Holiday and winter classes. Check out Richele's blog here